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Why It Is Important to Accept Others As They Are

Attempting to change others and the world at large will call in for a huge hue and cry. The only person you can change is yourself and you can set an example for others. No arguments, no ill talk, no hard feelings – nothing at all for this to work out. Read on for highlights.

It is important to accept others as they are. Why? Because when you try to change others, they become aggressive and heated arguments follow.

How can you actually tune them to your way of thinking and your good habits? There is a way. By coaxing and persuading.

Just as you would like to coax and tame a wild and rowdy horse, in the same manner you use these skills to tune others to your way of thinking and change their ways for good.

But remember if you lack the above skills, do not try to change others. It is so much graceful and vital to let others be themselves while you accept them as they are.

There is a lot to learn from others. Pick up the good in others while you filter out the bad. Now that is wise and candid of you. Yes, it is the right thing to do.

Always show appreciation for others instead of finding their minor faults which you must overlook. In this itself there is charm and grace which entices other people to you.

Having people’s support for you on a mission or cause you would like is a great asset itself. You encourage each other and work for the mission or cause together.

You will know who are like-minded and who are not. Reject gradually those who are not. That way you do not need to change others but accept them as they are to your own benefit and advantage.

Summing up, never try to change others harshly because it never works. Rather accept them as they are. We are all in a delicate equilibrium because of our ways of thinking, ideas and habits. When we try to change others, the equilibrium breaks and we hurt others including ourselves.

Other than the fact that you have good persuasion and coaxing skills, remember you can only use these skills to fine tune others to your ways of thinking, your elegant habits and behavior. If you do not have these skills, it is so much better and wise to let others remain as they are while you adapt to any situation or environment they are in and their ways.

3 Self Defense Techniques for Young Women

Women’s safety is a major issue in today’s day and age. With the rise in domestic violence, sexual abuse and violence against women – it has become a mandatory requirement for the women counterpart to train themselves with diverse self-defense techniques and methodologies.

Women have to ensure their own safety by being independent and fighting intruders

There are streets and places that women feel utterly unsafe. The sinking feeling and nervous emotion while walking or traveling alone at night is excruciating. With the right techniques to combat intruders or fight off a person who has been harassing or stalking you, will increase a level of confidence and strength within you.

Top 3 Self Defense Techniques For Young Women

The Elbow Knead – This particular technique is tried and tested. And the results have always been effective. If feel someone is following you or a person tries to grab you from behind, without spending second, thrust your elbow backward right into the intruder’s stomach in full force. It will cause severe pain and give you ample of time to take the next course of action.
Headbutt – The human skull is pretty solid and robust. You can use it as a weapon of self-defense. Remember the FIFA World Cup incident, where the French soccer star – Zinedine Zidane – did the infamous headbutt? Well, you can try the same technique in self-defense. Just force your head into the attacker’s face and see how he screams in pain.
Pelvic kick – A pelvic kick is a super impactful technique that you can use to cause a lifetime of pain or even damage. If you happen to be in a combat situation, where the attacker tries to force himself on you, gather all your energy and pull yourself back, and in a single swooping action, fold your leg and use your knee to kick right in the pelvic area of the attacker.
Apart from these techniques, it will also be safe to keep a few handy weapons and tools – from a pepper-spray, taser to even a tactical flashlight. A tactical flashlight is usually used by law enforcement professionals and in the military. It is designed not only to illuminate dark regions but also to wade off intruders and trespassers.
Whatever technique or weapon you use, remember to keep your calm and overcome your fear. With confidence, you can scare the daylight out of your attacker.

For Women: How to Pretend to Be Confident, Even When You Know You Aren’t

Being confident all the time can be a challenge. But you can pretend to be confident when you need or want. How do you make it possible? Read on to find out.

Here are a few typical scenarios:

1) You have been to the dentist all by yourself and you are dead scared about pulling out a cavity tooth. You feel at wits’ end. But you know you have to be a Big Girl. So put on a calm face and steady voice even though your heart is racing fast with adrenaline. Let the dentist take care of the rest.

2) You are in a job interview facing several people in a row. You already feel nervous and your pulse rate gets high. The trick is not to let them know by talking coolly and answering all questions positively and above all, boldly. And sure, you will make it.

3) You are the bride of a marriage ceremony and a hundred little things bother you. Keep all thoughts aside and be present. Look at your surroundings and appreciate. Look at the special man by your side and feel elated to have your would-be husband in your life near you. Appreciate how good he looks and smells. Melt your worries away this way and upgrade your confidence level.

4) Your are about to give a presentation for the first time at work. Your knees feel shaky and you already have a headache. Calm yourself down by sitting down for a few minutes and closing your eyes. Have a Tylenol tablet for your headache and face handing out the presentation, pretending to be confident. Talk in a natural flow smoothly. It will all end up well and you will be clapped.

5) You get trapped in an elevator with only your children. The lights have gone out as well. How to act in front of your children? You cannot freak or scream because that will definitely frighten your children. You have lost all your confidence. But don’t show it. Think, think and think. Use the light of your cell phone to press the emergency button and communicate gathering up your brevity. Help will soon arrive. The worst is over.